“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke’s third law

Mental Magic™ Method

Your Best Opportunity to Discover, Explore and Develop Secret Capabilities of Your Subconscious Mind

Allow me to introduce myself with a story. Once upon a time, a young man met a beautiful young woman. As so often happens in stories like these, they fell in love, married and a few years later their first child was born.

Terry and Kevin O'Kane

A familiar story right, right? Nothing new there, right? Wrong! It’s similar in small ways, yet it’s unique in important ways. Within this uniqueness, is your opportunity.

First, the child was born with severe medical challenges, including rare brain tumors. As the pressure of raising a medically fragile special needs child increased over the years, the young man forgot how to laugh. 

Terry and Claire O'Kane

As the great philosopher Forest Gump often said, "S#@t happens!" He implied, but didn’t need to say, "Get over it!" 

Second, about a decade ago, when I heard that a person could learn how to perform comedy hypnosis shows, three thoughts which occurred in quick succession.

  1. I needed to laugh.
  2. I was willing to place a big bet that I wasn’t alone, regarding the need to laugh.
  3. And I'm audacious enough to believe that I, could bring not just laughter, but also awe and wonder to groups of people, people like you and me.

Dare to go boldly

A dream was born in that instant. The dream has matured, brought joy, delight, and purpose far beyond initial expectations. Realizing this dream required persistence, perseverance, the development of new skills.

Mr. Mysterious Hypnosis show poster

If you have a dream, if you’re willing to consider novel methods to achieve your dreams, then you’ve come to the right place. The Mental Magic™ Method is not your grandmother’s overhyped and sadly disappointing self-hypnosis.

The Mental Magic™ Method is your best opportunity to discover, explore and develop secret capabilities of your subconscious mind. It’s your best opportunity because it’s available now (yes, even during COVID). It’s your best opportunity because it’s quick and easy. And most importantly because it’s about you and your dreams.

The result is new skills and capabilities which will allow you to realize your dream.

Here’s a side note, something which you may not know. Each time we have a novel experience, the brain (not the mind) releases a neurochemical which increased motivation. So, increased motivation is another reason to consider the Mental Magic™ method.


Here is the origin of Mental Magic™. First Clarke’s third law, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Second, mature and intelligent friends, Lilo, George, and others) have asked, “Kevin are you still doing magic?” Initially, I tried to make the distinction, then I realized that what I do, how I developed it and how I uniquely apply it is sufficiently advanced. So, I decided to own and proclaim the difference. From that decision, the Mental Magic™ Method was born.

If you’re reading this, then, like me, you may also have a dream. Engaging secret capabilities of your subconscious and even your super conscious mind be the next step to achieving your dream. , this dream has come true. Each time I bring not just laughter, but also awe and wonder to groups of people, I am delighted, honored and humbled.

I hope that some of your dreams similarly come true.

Hypnosis - the multi-sided coin

As I was studying for my initial hypnosis certification, prior to performing my comedy hypnosis shows, I read this article, Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine. It was authored by James H. Stewart, M.D. and published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. This article cited 144 articles published in peer reviewed journals. It reported that health benefits for issues as diverse as but not limited to pain relief, allergies and asthma. Personally, I also use hypnosis to fall asleep. It appears that hypnosis is a mind-body technique.

The second side of the coin – the fastest and easiest way to engage the mind-body connection.

Here’s another true story, in March of 2010 I performed comedy hypnosis shows, one in Nebraska, the other in Belmond, Iowa (the hometown of my mother’s grandparents). On the way home from these events I stopped to visit my mother, who at the time was in declining health and rarely able to leave her home. I retold the events of the shows and we laughed. 

Mom’s Mind-Body Journey

A few weeks later, Mom developed a severe reaction to her cancer pain medication. Her oncologist (who practiced at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN) gave her two choices: 1. keep taking the drugs and die sooner or 2. get off the drugs and live with the pain. That’s a tough choice.

It turns out there was another options. Her favorite oldest son (yes, I am the only oldest son) had experienced numbness (pain relief) by hypnotic suggestion. I knew that unusual and unexpected happened during hypnosis shows. So, I reread the article Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine. I dug deeper into the studies which reported on hypnosis for pain relief.

Audaciously, I dared to hope that this might work for mom. So, I printed off the article and went to visit her. We discussed the science, and then I asked the big question, “Mom, would you ever consider hypnosis for pain relief?” She thoughtfully replied, “Let me give this some consideration.”

About a month later, she called back and said, “Let’s do it.” I replied could you get a letter from your doctor giving you the ok? And could you give me some time to get some specialized training? She got the letter, I got the training.

Initially she only got pain relief (which lasted for days, whereas the pain relief from the drugs only lasted for hours). During subsequent sessions, she also raised concerns for her eyes and heart. She claimed relief but not in a way I expected.

She called upon and deployed angels on her behalf.

From mom I learned that there are three keys to success with hypnosis: curiosity, imagination and purpose.

The “depth of hypnosis” charts report that at one level of hypnosis pain relief comes via suggestion yet at a deeper level, pain relief happens automatically. Mom, using her keys to success, got to the deeper level. (I’ll address the significance of “depth of hypnosis” in later blog posts.)

Mom would turn her concerns over to angels. She had angels for her eyes (Goldy), her heart (Red), her thighs (the Pastels). As I write this, I am in tears of gratitude, because I was able to play a small part in one of her final journeys.

The third side (the inside) of the hypnosis coin

Humans are not just physical, and not just mental, we also have a spiritual side

Before I tell you the next story about my mom. I need to tell you a little more about myself. I was raised Roman Catholic (a branch of Christianity). I’ve wandered off the reservation. But 38 years after the birth of our first daughter, I still remember the words I heard immediately after the nurse in the delivery room said, “Oh, there’s a problem!!! The words were, “Kevin you’re going to love this child.”

Here’s a little more about mom. She had angels. Once, after a hypnosis session, she told me that she went up top heaven and got as far as the door outside the throne room of God. Like my mother, I’m curious, so I asked what happened next. She said, “I didn’t go in, because you didn’t tell me to.” I didn’t make that mistake again. 

Here’s another

This is the 21stcentury. Use all the powerful tools of modern medicine that are available to you. Don’t dismiss the powerful tools, if unknown, of your mind.

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